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I’ve been having a scout around on the internet and have turned up a few more images showing how Bionic Eyed Snail has infiltrated our lives already.

My Sky+ box was starting to look a bit full so I decided to spend the morning clearing some of the older programs out. To my surprise I noticed a familiar evil eye lurking in the background on a couple of programs. I’ve added some screen caps below and I’ll keep an eye out for more. As he rarely tells me his plans I assume that he is trying to send some sort of subliminal message through our media but maybe he is just stalking Holly Willoughby. Who knows?

Just remember that he is always watching you!

I received another postcard yesterday so thought I better upload it.

That snail is a master of disguise.


I’ve finished page 4 a bit earlier than expected so thought that I might as well upload it straight away. Hope you like it.

Hopefully this page will get the site up to 1000 hits. It’s not far of and so far there have been hits from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Ireland, South Korea, Italy, Ireland and obviously the UK.

Come on people spread the word by liking posts on Facebook, retweeting and generally letting people know about your favorite psychopathic gastropod.

Enjoy and help me get 1000 hits.

Here is the link for page 4

As part of his quest for world domination Bionic Eyed Snail is travelling around looking for potential targets. Because hits can be tracked to specific countries on WordPress His Royal Eyeness has been drawn to Australia.

If you live in Australia you probably wouldn’t have seen him anyway as he is disguising himself in a bid to blend in. To prove that he is watching you he has forced me to upload a postcard.

Here it is.

I was running low on paper so decided to pop down to The Works in Southend High Street thinking I might pick up a cheap sketch pad. The pads they had were cheap but it was obvious why, I rubbed the skirting boards down with smoother sand paper. However I did leave there with a clipboard so I can sit on my backside in front of the tv and draw. I also picked up a book on how to draw anatomy as I feel body shapes is somewhere that I need to improve.
In my quest for a sketch pad I ventured into a proper art shop. Now I think I did the right thing in taking my wife with me otherwise I would still be in the shop trying to figure out a way of removing a kidney as payment for the tonnes of stuff I would undoubtably want but not need. It’s been a very long time since I last visited an art shop and purchased a sketch pad. I forgot quite how many different types of paper there are. I finally settled on a Daler Rowney A4 Fine Grain Cartridge pad. The price shocked me a bit, £5.50 for 30 sheets, but then I have been told that I’m tighter than a ducks arse. If I thought that the paper was steep the putty rubber I picked up next was vertical as far as this skinflint was concerned, I almost don’t want to get it dirty now. Anyway I paid up and now have few new toys to try on the next few pages of Bionic Eyed Snail.
Just incase anyone is interested I thought I’d add a picture of the materials I already have for drawing my comic. I went for a Staedtler Mars technico pencil mainly because of the fact I like being able to change leads if I need to (not that I do) but also because I have hundreds of the leads from when I used to work at a stationers. I use an F lead. The Staedtler fine liners were picked up in the local supermarket but they draw a nice line, are comfortable and don’t smudge when I dribble beer on pad.



When it comes to the comic world I am a complete novice, but like most people I have heard of Marvel and DC comics. Naturally when I started to take more time over my doodles and pay attention to the detail I started to look at the styles used by the artists who draw characters such as Thor and Spiderman. Although people like Stan Lee are undoubtedly fantastic artists I felt like I had to try too hard to get my drawings to follow that style.

I can’t quite remember how I came across it but I stumbled upon a web comic called reMIND. From the offset I could see that Jason Brubaker was a fantastic artist. The way his graphic novel looked instantly appealed to me with his amazing detail and almost dirty textures. The way he composes his pages makes each one a treat to read and visually his style is something I would love to be able to emulate even just a little bit.

During the many internet searches for web comics and graphic novels I kept coming back to Manga. This is something I never really paid much attention to but since looking at it more and more I have realised it is a style that I like and more importantly enjoy drawing. I have also noticed that how many of the kids cartoons I watch with my 3-year-old are influenced by manga art.

As I sat trawling the internet one day I decided to have a look on YouTube for how to draw videos to attempt to improve my skills. The first video was a ten minute affair from an artist called Mark Crilley. His drawings were amazing and the way he explained techniques and styles has really helpful. I think I’ve probably sat and watched all of his videos over the last few months and feel that my artwork has come on leaps and bounds because of him. Mark is the creator of a few published graphic novels but my favorite is Brody’s Ghost.

Between Mark Crilley’s how to draw videos and Jason Brubaker’s hints and tips on his blog I have come to create my own website for my own web comic. I am quite happy to admit that it isn’t the greatest artwork in the world but really I am using this as a way of improving my skills at both drawing and colouring using Photoshop, I am the kind of person who needs a goal to aim for to get things done so what better motivation could I have than creating a website. Although there have been other artists and there will be many more who have influenced me through out this process I aim the most credit in the direction of these two fantastic artists. If by some freak chance either Mark or Jason ever reads this then I hope they take a bit of pride from the fact that they have inspired me to stop doodling on phone pads and actually create something, even if it is only for my own pleasure.



Its finally here. Its taken a lot longer than I thought to get these first three pages done but its ready to be up loaded. Follow the link and take a look. Also while you are there follow the Bionic Eyed Snail on Facebook and Twitter, or else!

Right, I’ve added the cover for Bionic Eyed Snail to the menu bar at the top of the page just to get you all interested. At 1800 tonight the first 3 pages will be up and running. I hope you enjoy it and come back in future for further updates. if you look around the site there are various buttons to follow Bionic Eyed Snail on Twitter, Facebook or email.

It’s almost done.

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The first 3 pages (and cover) are almost done. I just have to put page 3 together and then I’ll add them all to the site. This should all be finished tonight so I’ll go out on a limb and say that Friday evening is the deadline.

I’ve been quite suprised at how long it has taken me to get the first few pages done but once the first 3 are up and running I’ll aim to get one done a week.

Also the Bionic Eyed Snail has signed himself up to twitter so check him out. @bioniceyedsnail.

Here is a little image to keep you interested.



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