I’ve been shopping

Posted: 26/04/2012 in Art Work, Update
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I was running low on paper so decided to pop down to The Works in Southend High Street thinking I might pick up a cheap sketch pad. The pads they had were cheap but it was obvious why, I rubbed the skirting boards down with smoother sand paper. However I did leave there with a clipboard so I can sit on my backside in front of the tv and draw. I also picked up a book on how to draw anatomy as I feel body shapes is somewhere that I need to improve.
In my quest for a sketch pad I ventured into a proper art shop. Now I think I did the right thing in taking my wife with me otherwise I would still be in the shop trying to figure out a way of removing a kidney as payment for the tonnes of stuff I would undoubtably want but not need. It’s been a very long time since I last visited an art shop and purchased a sketch pad. I forgot quite how many different types of paper there are. I finally settled on a Daler Rowney A4 Fine Grain Cartridge pad. The price shocked me a bit, £5.50 for 30 sheets, but then I have been told that I’m tighter than a ducks arse. If I thought that the paper was steep the putty rubber I picked up next was vertical as far as this skinflint was concerned, I almost don’t want to get it dirty now. Anyway I paid up and now have few new toys to try on the next few pages of Bionic Eyed Snail.
Just incase anyone is interested I thought I’d add a picture of the materials I already have for drawing my comic. I went for a Staedtler Mars technico pencil mainly because of the fact I like being able to change leads if I need to (not that I do) but also because I have hundreds of the leads from when I used to work at a stationers. I use an F lead. The Staedtler fine liners were picked up in the local supermarket but they draw a nice line, are comfortable and don’t smudge when I dribble beer on pad.




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