Rottencock – The Zombie Temp Part 3

Posted: 27/05/2012 in Art Work, Friends of Bionic Eyed Snail, Rottencock, Update
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It’s been a busy old week with work, DIY and my 1st wedding anniversary so I’ve been a bit quiet on the wordpress front. I have managed to draw up two pages, one of which is coloured and ready to view. Page 8 will be uploaded tonight when I get in from work but in the mean time I thought I’d add another Rottencock strip to give you something to look at while you wait.

For our anniversary my wife got me a Wacom Bamboo Graphics Pad. Although I’ve had a quick go I haven’t had a chance to use it on Bionic Eyed Snail but hopefully the next page will be coloured using the Bamboo.

Anyway enjoy Rottencock and please keep an eye out for updates on Bionic Eyed Snail’s adventures.

(Bradwell is a Nuclear power station in Essex)


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