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After taking a week off for my birthday I am please to inform you of the uploading of the latest page of Bionic Eyed Snail. This one seemed to take forever to colour and shade but luckily there is very little text, which can get very boring, so thats always a bonus. I am really pleased with the end result and did a few new things I’ve picked up of taught myself over the last couple of weeks. As always please spread the word and like, follow and link until you are blue in the face. Here is a direct link to the new page.

Below are a couple of images I’ve been playing around with on photo shop to try out some tutorials I’ve done online.



Fun in the sun

Posted: 09/09/2012 in Update
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Good afternoon Snail Fans.

There will not be an updated page of Bionic Eyed Snail this week as I’ve been busy getting my garden tarted up for a BBQ I’m having for my 30th birthday. I wasn’t going to post at all this week but my wife showed me my birthday cake and I just couldn’t go without showing the world. It was done by Sweet E’s Cupcakes (see my post a few weeks ago about designing her logo).
Here it is…….


Enjoy, I know I will cos its Carrot cake.