Hello everyone.

You might well be wondering what or who the Bionic Eyed Snail is. Well this site has been set up to share with the world what started off as me having a bit of a dig at a work collegue’s taste in films. He was constantly trying to get me to watch rubbish B movies that nobody else had heard of. After watching bits of a film called Rubber, about a tyre that kills people, I was trying to tell him that his taste in film was questionable when he said ‘I’ve got a great film at home that you’ll love!’ I seriously doubted that I would love it and replied ‘Let me guess, it’s about a snail that goes around killing people with his bionic eye?’

As this idea seemed to cause a fair bit of amusement with the rest of the staff I did a quick doodle and ‘The Bionic Eyed Snail’ was born. I started off scribbling page 1 in biro on a peice of copy paper and people kept asking what happened next so I just continued with it. Gradually I started to spend a bit more time on the drawings and even dug out some old art equipment from school. The story finally came to an end a few days ago (in what is now draft form) so I thought I might as well get a site started and introduce my creation to the internet.

I’m doing this as a hobby and I thought that it might be fun to start a site so my friends can all have a look and then anyone else who stumbles across it might have a giggle. Having never really been into comics or graphic novels I started to look at a few to get an idea about layout etc. I’ll add another post at a later date to tell you who I took inspiration from. One thing I did notice online is that people who read comics HATE the comic sans font so I got a free font from www.blambot.com.

Apart from ‘Rubber’ I’ve seen quite a few ‘B’ movies lately. Now I  know they are cheesy, full of puns and heavy on cliches but I really enjoy alot of them for those reasons. Because this comic was originally made to make the blokes at work laugh puns etc were the best way of doing it.

Please be aware that this isn’t really suitable for kids and enjoy.

Click here to go straight to the front cover

Thanks for reading.


All content on this site is my property unless stated otherwise. © Copyright Greg Cracknell – Aug 2011

  1. whimsyink says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog 😀 I especially enjoyed your Bionic Eyed Snails sidetracks and world tour!

  2. creativeliz says:

    Hi Greg, thank you for stopping by my blog! I love Bionic Eyed Snail’s escapades on the Thames 🙂

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