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This is a special update for all the snail fans on the other side of this rock we call home. I’ve had quite a few hits from round there so keep them coming and spread the word. The UK should all be tucked in bed so you lovely people get the first look at the latest Bionic Eyed Snail news.

Bionic Eyed Snail has been up to his old tricks again and has adopted a rather cunning disguise while visiting New Zealand. You could have walked past him numerous times and not noticed him.

Page 7 of his story is complete will be online later today (UK time).

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As part of his quest for world domination Bionic Eyed Snail is travelling around looking for potential targets. Because hits can be tracked to specific countries on WordPress His Royal Eyeness has been drawn to Australia.

If you live in Australia you probably wouldn’t have seen him anyway as he is disguising himself in a bid to blend in. To prove that he is watching you he has forced me to upload a postcard.

Here it is.