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Some time has passed since the last page of my web comic was uploaded but there is a good reason for this. When I finished page 11 the next page I needed to draw had some new characters who were integral to the story. This page proved to be a major block in the road for me and the few goes I had at drawing it were appalling. The characters always looked static and I wasn’t really happy with how two of the three looked. After a few attempts I and a couple of weeks without an update I just decided to stop and take a breather. It was starting to feel like a chore and not like a hobby.

Going back to basics seemed like the best option so I went on eBay and purchased myself some Marvel comics. Now I have already got a few ‘how to draw’ books and graphic novels but these are mainly manga style and although I like the look and have tried the techniques in this very comic I felt like it was all a bit too forced and didn’t feel the results I was getting were the ones I’d get if I was drawing without any reference. When the first couple of Marvel comics arrived I just simply sat down and started copying the artwork. My main issue with how I was drawing before was that everything looked flat and static. The artwork I was looking at was dynamic and as I started copying poses and stances I found it fairly natural. Although I have used both Manga and Marvel as reference I feel like I have started to find my ‘style’ now and sat and crashed out a page fairly fast early last week. That was page 13 and since then my confidence with my drawing has soared and page 12 has been done entirely digitally which I didn’t trust myself to do before. Since those 2 pages I did the line art for 4 more pages in quick succession and now I’m really getting the bug again.

I’m actually so please with my latest attempts that I’m considering doing a Kickstarter campaign (see Jason Brubaker’s amazing project mentioned in my last post) once I have finished the web-based version of Bionic Eyed Snail. Its something I would have to look into more but I really like the idea. I would definitely redraw some of the pages and open some of them out to double page spreads etc but that is all something to think about in the future. Saying that I would like to hear any comments or suggestions regarding this subject and if people would actually buy it. If you have looked at Jason’s Kickstarter and think that the prices are a bit high for a comic about a snail please don’t worry, mine won’t be anywhere near that. He’s done a 2 volume Graphic novel that is stunning visually so can ask those prices.
Anyway I’ll end my ramble here with a few images I found today from ‘Sock World’. See if you can guess the characters names and leave comments with the answers. Please come back and check out the next pages of Bionic Eyed Snail, page 12 will be uploaded on Sunday evening and I’ll probably put 13 up a couple of days later. Also please tell all your friends about my site so that my confidence continues to grow and I become obsessed with the power and turn into a bastard.