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Its amazing how much we rely on technology in our everyday lives, you’ll suprised to find out that posting a webcomic is kind of depends on it. When my connection at home dropped out last weekend my first thought was to go online and get a contact number for sky and get it sorted. Anyway I have finished page 10 and also a couple of other images that I was hoping to post during the week but couldn’t upload.

Here is a picture of everyones favorite Zombie Temp that was done entirely on my Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet using photoshop. I’m really starting to get the hang of using it after forcing myself to use it for everything I’d usually do with a mouse. It becomes very easy once you get used to hovering a few mm above the pad to make the cursor move without creating a mark. I’ll also add another Bionic Eyed Snail picture later on done in the good old fashioned sketch, scan and colour.

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I thought that I’d have a really quick go at sketching with the Bamboo tablet so I thought Rottencock might like a little outing. Please excuse the roughness of the drawing but like I said it was a practice sketch. Anyway, enjoy.

It’s been a busy old week with work, DIY and my 1st wedding anniversary so I’ve been a bit quiet on the wordpress front. I have managed to draw up two pages, one of which is coloured and ready to view. Page 8 will be uploaded tonight when I get in from work but in the mean time I thought I’d add another Rottencock strip to give you something to look at while you wait.

For our anniversary my wife got me a Wacom Bamboo Graphics Pad. Although I’ve had a quick go I haven’t had a chance to use it on Bionic Eyed Snail but hopefully the next page will be coloured using the Bamboo.

Anyway enjoy Rottencock and please keep an eye out for updates on Bionic Eyed Snail’s adventures.

(Bradwell is a Nuclear power station in Essex)

I was sorting though a pile of paper that has been sitting on my bedroom window sill for ages, much to the annoyance of my wife, and I stumbled across some little 1 frame comics I did about 6 months ago. Again these were to entertain the troops at work. I haven’t the foggiest how the idea came about and it might be best that way. I’ve got a few of these done already and they are pretty simple. The only photoshopping done on these is just darkening up the lines a touch but I didn’t want to complicate thinks by colouring them.

Anyway back to the matter at hand, may I introduce to you, Rottencock. Not only does he have the misfortune of being one of the living dead, he also can’t seem to find any permanent work so has resorted to temping.

Also Page 7 of Bionic Eyed Snail is uploaded so click here to take a look.